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Access to the island

Access by air: There are daily flights to the island by Olympic Air. The flight from Athens lasts 35 minutes. For more information on the flights you can call 210-9666666 in Athens or 22840-21900 and 22840-91257 in Paros.
Access by the sea: During summer, you can reach Paros either by a high speed craft, which leaves from the port of Piraeus and arrives in Paros in 3 hours or by boat, which arrives in 4:30 hours. There are also several services from Crete and Thessaloniki, while the island is also linked to Naxos, Syros, Sifnos, Kos, Rhodes, Ikaria, Samos and Tinos. In winter the island is accessed only by conventional boats. For more information please contact:


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